• Jen Deluca, GLAMorous Mom & Creator of GMNY

Welcome to the GMNY Blog

Welcome to Glam Mom New York where moms can delight in.... "fabulous, handcrafted product and chic lifestyle tips from an inspiring Glamorous Mom"!

In the modern world of fast, mass produced fashion, there is something to be said for a premium, handcrafted, item designed by an artisan and fellow Glam Mom. Welcome to GMNY!

This Glam Mom went from designing on 7th Ave and traveling the world to raising 2 energetic boys while building, designing & curating a unique “indie” brand for kiddies and moms! Glam Mom New York is the place where you kick back, sip the champs, shop fabulous product and enjoy the GMNY experience.

Need a gift? Need it personalized? Need a break? We’ve got ya covered. Let’s bring the “Glam” back to the “Moms”!

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