• Jennifer Fitzgerald-DeLuca

The NEW Glam Mom New York - REMIX!

Welcome to the new Glam Mom New York!

I am over the moon to be writing my first ever blog post on this beautiful Monday afternoon here in NY! I first want to thank everyone who has supported Glam Mom NY over the years - wouldn't be here without ya! Thank you to my family, friends and especially to Phil and our boys for being my biggest cheerleaders and loves.

Six months ago, I began working on a new look and mission for the brand with the amazing help of Stephanie Yardeni of Working Dog Design. Steph is a fellow Glam Mom who "gets it" on so many levels. She succeeded in bringing my vision to life through this new, style-driven website (and more). So grateful.

Through the years, I have set up my Glam Mom NY "pop-up shop" at various events, boutiques and living rooms all over NY and NJ. Through interacting with busy moms and women, I was able to listen to what they needed. I learned how they were feeling and could personally relate. I took this very seriously, paying close attention to the moments when casual conversations transformed into meaningful focus groups– these were not just GMNY customers, but women who I respected and cherished.

One of the biggest things I learned is that MOMS HAVE NO TIME TO GO OUT AND SHOP! When they did, they were overwhelmed by big box stores. They liked small boutiques but those are not open at 10pm once the kids were finally asleep!

They loved the intimate setting of a trunk show in a friend's living room surrounded by great gals, special products and a glass of wine. Shopping, sipping, talking, inspiring - this was IT.

I knew that this brand I was building was not only a traveling boutique, but a much needed escape for women who are working in all different ways, shapes and forms. I now call GMNY a "Lifestyle Boutique".

Becoming a Mom and going on this journey has been quite a ride! When I launched the business in 2009 it started with my handcrafted kids clothes . After my second son was born in 2010, it kept growing (slowly, but steadily). It was a labor of love trying to juggle it all.

As I grew, the kids grew and hence the business. Things were changing. I began offering items for Moms too (we DESERVE IT)! I curated accessories & jewelry for them which was well-received. I wanted to offer a little beauty, a little home decor - little bits of carefully merchandised product which I LIVE for!

I am happy to introduce Erika Stehl to the Glam Mom team, Erika is a mom of 5 (yes, 5 kids), and we are blessed to add her amazing visual creativity and lifestyle tips to our growing brand! Erika, like myself, was born and raised in Queens. Together, we want keep it GLAM and keep it REAL!

This new, gorgeous website will feature new product ranges and intimate blog posts filled with great content and tips. It will also feature giveaways, a Glam Guide, personal styling services with lots reviews and tidbits to share with all of you.

As we all grow as women, lets stick together on this journey. I hope I can offer just a little snippet of GLAM to your day with the click of a mouse. Thank you for inspiring me to keep growing!




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