• Jennifer Fitzgerald-DeLuca

Art is Everything: Getting to the root of the GLAM.

My passion for art began YOUNG. As in 6 yrs old young. I recall Crayola boxes and primitive fashion sketches... the designs, the colors, the possibilities... keeping me well-occupied for hours. Yes, hours. Can you imagine that today??

My love of the visual arts followed me well into young-adulthood, where it fused with the emerging music of that time. The results? My Madge-inspired lavender bedroom a la 1980. And then there was my alternative period in the 90's. I sported a shaved head, ladies, for realz - how lovely. But don't worry, I softened that look with an all-black ensem to boot. Nice.

However it manifested, art was my best friend–my outlet, my therapy, my mood-enhancer. I went nowhere, did nothing without it.

But it wasn't without support. My parents recognized and encouraged my interest whole-heartedly.

My own father, who thankfully passed on his creativity gene to me, made a career out of his passion as a commercial artist (above). My mom was the original Glam Mom! She managed to take care of me, my brothers and my grandparents (who lived in our building) yet she always got glam for date night with Dad. So when I decided to pursue FIT and ride the subway alone (gasp!) into NYC, I was confident, optimistic, destined!

It led me straight into the fashion industry for a rewarding career that allowed me to travel the world. And for that I am forever grateful. That's me up there, circa 1999!

Now that I am a Mom, Phil and I want to instill this same appreciation for art in our boys and encourage it as my parents have.

"When we are anxious, angry, sad, happy, we DRAW. We COLOR. We CREATE." It's a great outlet for the emotions that seem to fuel creative minds and an even more important tool for our family in dealing with those emotions.

I'm proud to say both of my boys are budding artists – I even screenprinted their drawings onto t-shirts! Kids LOVE!

On a recent trip to my native Queens, we took pictures of some amazing graffiti art in the streets. My boys were obsessed with the detail, the colors and the size of the murals. It was a beautiful experience to watch their reactions. In this demanding world we live in, they were, for a brief moment: F R E E.

I leave you with some of the amazing found art from the old hood. May it inspire your week ahead. And may my creativity - inspired by my father - be passed to you through GlamMomNY.